Wren Sterling

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Upholding the highest standards for one of the UK's largest financial advisers

The challenge

The completion of an MBO at Towergate Financial, one of the UK's largest financial advisers, drove the need for a brand relaunch, complete with a new name and visual identity.

In an industry often tarnished with a poor reputation, the business came to us to craft a positive and straightforward image exuding trust and stability.

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The solution

Our brand workshops helped establish that the firm's independent investment advice was a key USP, enabling it to deliver objective guidance without influence or compromise.

To bring this to life, we created a new name, Wren Sterling, to represent reliability, high standards and a sense of heritage, pairing timeless British architecture with a premium metal.

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Our elegant visual identity supported the firm’s positioning by cleverly featuring the points of a compass in the logo, set within the Wren Sterling name.

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The result

Brand launch in April 2015 helped to position the firm away from its predecessor and build a sense of energy across the business to support its future growth.

We also delivered a full set of brand guidelines for Wren Sterling's designers and web developers, ensuring that the new identity has a unifying quality across the business, enabling a clear and contemporary style that remains highly consistent and engaging.

The new brand has since gone on to win two Silver Transform Europe Awards 2016 for 'Best Visual Identity from the Financial Services Sector' and 'Best Corporate Rebrand Following a Merger or Acquisition'.

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