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Building a coherent brand and product identity for a global leader in financial research technologies

The challenge

At the heart of our brief from BlueMatrix – a world leader in financial research technology – was a challenge to completely review, clarify and simplify its brand and product suite to enable clearer, structured and more differentiated communications.

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The solution

Reviewing each of the BlueMatrix products in turn, we began to clarify its complex brand hierarchy, establishing a clear brand and product framework in its place. This enabled the definition of a fresh firm-wide positioning statement and visual identity, and drove the creation of a definitive set of product names and logos which followed a more logical and descriptive approach.

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Once brand and product suite were simplified and aligned, we wrote and designed a key presentation to inspire the global sales team, and created the core collateral to enable them to perform, including a company-wide brochure, website and brand launch email.

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The result

With its coherent brand and product identity in place, BlueMatrix now has a communications platform that accurately reflects its business, its outputs, and its unmatched suite of research applications. Today, we work with BlueMatrix across the breadth of its marketing and communications initiatives.

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