Living Ratings: lessons from the road 16 July 2018

They say that you never stop learning.

Over the past 10 weeks we've been on the road with our latest Living Ratings – our proprietary report on the brand and digital intelligence of the world's leading law firms 2018 – and it's fair to say that we've learnt as much as we've shared.

Here are just a few of the insights we've picked up along the way.

Brand intelligence
Brand is more important than ever to law firm CMOs and Partners and we are not just talking about personal brands, but the firm's overall brand. They are all keenly aware of the need to find differentiation in what is largely a homogenous market.

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Rising above the digital chatter 17 April 2018

Why clarity and cut-through rest on twin pillars of success

The long-promised information tsunami is here and it is real. Tweets, texts, emails, PMs, WhatsApp messages, posts, comments – and, dare we say it, blogs – all jostle for space and attention like competitive 5 year-olds. Thanks to the creation of endless digital noise, the medium is now drowning the message. Think it’s different in the rarefied world of Professional Services? If only.

Our latest Living Ratings report of the brand and digital intelligence of the world’s leading law firms makes for a revealing read. When it comes to relevant, focused, accessible content (the stuff that achieves ‘cut-through’ status), there’s real scope for improvement.

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In praise of moving image 06 February 2018

Re-energise your brand by putting it in motion

Back in the 1980s, we were told that video had killed the radio star. The arrival of consumer internet a decade later ushered in what should by now be a golden age of video-enhanced content. Broadcasting was suddenly no longer just for broadcasters or 30 second tv ads; brands could get in on the act and dominate the space. But progress has been slow, and many non-FMCG brands, particularly in the B2B and professional services sector, have been reluctant to commit to video content. This is a pity. Putting your brand in motion can attract new audiences, be less complex and more cost-effective than you think – and enable far greater engagement and ROI.  

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Getting your website fighting fit 23 January 2018

Writing a prescription for digital effectiveness.

This winter, the UK is experiencing its worst flu season in years. Aussie flu, Japanese flu and good old Man flu have had us flocking to our GPs who are now managing what looks like an epidemic. So, as you sit propped-up in bed, paracetamol in hand, you might have time to consider what needs a health check in your professional life. How, for instance, is your website standing up to relentless competitive pressure? The answer lies in a dose of diagnostic medicine...

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In search of quality search 06 December 2017

Why do leading investment banks hide away their talents and capabilities away online?

In our latest Living Ratings analysis of the digital intelligence of investment banks, a whopping 85% of the banks we assessed failed to deliver content and functionality designed for C-Suite audiences.

In fact, just one bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) makes it into our top tier – what we call ‘Determined’ digital communication. The rest fall short, missing out on a chance to engage their audiences and build powerful, connected digital brands – brands that deliver clear, thought thought-provoking and relevant messages to clients, prospects and other key stakeholders. This should send an unambiguous signal to the entire sector. And perhaps prompt a few New Year’s Resolutions…

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Life beyond ‘brochureware’ 16 November 2017

Engaging with financial advisers and intermediaries in the digital age.

In financial services, trust is all. It’s the bedrock on which deals are built and brands are matured. And, in turn, trust, relationships and communications are nothing without each other. Our recent Living Ratings analysis of digital effectiveness put 100 of the world’s leading asset managers in its sights, subjecting them to rigorous digital benchmarking. The results make it clear that there’s a whole world of opportunity for digital dialogue with Financial Advisers and Intermediaries (FAIs). So why limit your web communications to an online version of your print collateral?


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