The power of “you” in a world that can’t stop talking about “me”. 16 August 2017

It’s time for asset managers’ websites to focus on their audiences.

We’ve all been there. You’re at a wedding reception, or a cocktail party, maybe a business lunch – or in my case the number 11 bus – and you’re sitting next to someone whose favourite subject is what they see in the mirror each morning. If you’ve a heart of stone or cojones of steel you’ll make your excuses and leave immediately. For most of us it’s awkward. If you’re kind, and most of us are, you’ll smile politely and stick it out. Because few of us like to cause offence – or get off the bus too early.

With websites or social media there are no such moral dilemmas; if something, or someone, bores you then you can click, close or swipe away. 

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Every asset manager has a story to tell. What’s yours? 08 August 2017

Engaging financial advisers and intermediaries with great writing.

The growth of digital communication across websites, blogs and social media has handed users immense power: The power to ignore anything that doesn’t catch their imaginations immediately. This reality has encouraged digital communicators to create content that’s more authentic, open and transparent. And more personal. 

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Mind the brand gap 20 July 2017

Transforming ‘old school’ law firms into switched-on service brands

We’ve got a question for you. How big is your ‘brand gap’? That’s the gulf between the external perception of your firm, and the brand and digital footprint that supports it out there in the real world. Or, to put it another way, the gulf between the quality of your people and your ability to sell what they do.

Marketing professional services ain’t what it used to be. With the clubbable world of the ‘old school tie’ largely a figment of the past and the competitive environment more ruthless than ever, the creation of a robust and relevant legal brand can be a powerful enabler – and an engine of growth – in otherwise turbulent and challenging times.

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Compliance with creativity 17 July 2017

Giving financial brands new life in the age of transparency

Winter is coming. Shifts in the burden of financial regulation – towards ever greater competitiveness and openness – are having profound implications for the way you shape your brand and communicate your offering. Gone are the days of ‘dark arts’. Instead, welcome to the era of complete accountability to investors... one where performance is an open book.

For financial services marketeers and compliance teams, this is a live issue that goes far beyond the detail of your printed collateral. The layout, tone, and look-and-feel of all your communications, digital and traditional, will need re-assessment and retuning in a way that underpins brand trust... and resets your brand comms to be crystal clear from the outset. But how can you stop the next wave of regulation from becoming a brand and creativity killer?

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RegTech: Fortune favours the bold 19 May 2017

As the demand for regulatory technology grows, only the brave and the bold will achieve their goals as a preferred provider for financial institutions.

In the wake of the financial crisis in 2008, over the next 7 years the UK regulator’s demands for changes released through publications and annual volume announcements increased by an astounding 425%. In response, financial institutions began to grow their compliance teams.

However, with unsustainable increasing compliance costs, a movement to outsourcing emerged, thus, the rise of technology firms offering regulatory technology (RegTech) began. 

The potential for this market is staggering, with the larger banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan spending well over $1bn a year each on regulatory compliance and controls. Whilst some would argue that RegTech is still in its early stages, it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Stand tall in your marketplace.

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The ‘change’ agent 17 March 2017

Achieving consensus in complex organisations

In today’s ever increasing complex, competitive world, it’s no longer sufficient to simply market quality. Gone are the days of relying on traditional marketing tactics or merely promoting the announcement of the arrival of a new senior hire on a company’s dotcom to stay top of mind.

Everything has changed and continues to develop at a fast pace. Even traditional sectors need to figure out how to differentiate and compete in our digitally-savvy, socially-networked world or be in fear of being left behind – if not forgotten!

In search of differentiation

Organisations’ must identify, develop, and leverage their brand essence to market themselves in a truly distinctive and memorable way. Today's brand managers know that if they want to stand out, they need to be bold in their thinking and bold in their decision making. 

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