The ‘change’ agent 17 March 2017

Achieving consensus in complex organisations

In today’s ever increasing complex, competitive world, it’s no longer sufficient to simply market quality. Gone are the days of relying on traditional marketing tactics or merely promoting the announcement of the arrival of a new senior hire on a company’s dotcom to stay top of mind.

Everything has changed and continues to develop at a fast pace. Even traditional sectors need to figure out how to differentiate and compete in our digitally-savvy, socially-networked world or be in fear of being left behind – if not forgotten!

In search of differentiation

Organisations’ must identify, develop, and leverage their brand essence to market themselves in a truly distinctive and memorable way. Today's brand managers know that if they want to stand out, they need to be bold in their thinking and bold in their decision making. 

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Why you need wise sector specialists more than ever 06 January 2017

We are often asked why should I chose a sector specialist brand, digital or advertising agency? Well, with tightening budgets, increased pressure to succeed, there is no room for error – it means that now more than ever you need a trusted specialist partner to help you succeed. 

Added to this, 2017 sees us all operating in an uncertain and volatile business climate, where marketing spend is scrutinised more than ever. Investing in your brand or communications now means that every penny or dime is counted, only positive results are expected and mistakes or ‘post-truths’ will not be tolerated!

Here are 4 reasons we think marketeers should chose a sector-specialist agency:

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Your brand needs you now more than ever 24 November 2016

We are living through challenging times. The UK decided to leave its EU partners and go it alone, news of a hard Brexit impacted the Pound, and currency wobbles and the interconnected nature of trade means the ripples of uncertainty reach right around the globe.

In Asia, China’s economic slow down continues amid the tricky task of moving from manufacturing led growth to a service economy, the effect of US interest rates on Asian markets is unknown and the possible impact of Trump in The White House is worryingly incalculable.

Like it or not, we are witnessing economic and political uncertainty both locally and globally.

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Is disruptive really the new steady? 03 November 2016

We inhabit a business world where disruptive seems to be the new normal. Challenger brands are snapping at everyone’s heels. Brands like Uber appear on the scene and grow quickly. By not being tied to out dated legacy technology, and having access to rapid investment they can build a highly successful business in a few months. Traditional taxi companies can’t move fast enough to catch up and suddenly there is a whole new way to get a taxi.

Whilst Uber might seem to be the epitome of a new disruptive business tearing up the rule books – they actually follow a traditional brand approach that guarantees you being noticed: being famous for one thing.

Strip away Uber’s apps and the magic of seeing your car edging closer on a map and you realise that they just focus on a single concept: making getting something easier. 

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There’s more to a story than history 10 October 2016

Lloyds Bank has a current TV campaign in the UK where their black horse is shown galloping dreamily through situations from history: pulling a plough in the 17th Century, making a charge in the First World war and finally being ridden in the present day. The message is simple and clear – we have been around for a long time.

This beautifully shot, cinematic advert is a treat for the eyes – but just what is it telling us? How important is 250 years of banking history and more importantly – just what does that mean for us today? 

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Brexit: Business as normal for asset managers, or are they missing an opportunity for audience engagement? 12 July 2016

Last week our team at Living and I took an in-depth look at what the Top 100 Global Law firms are saying in response to Brexit, what they are commenting on and how they are engaging with their audiences.  This week*, we decided to look at the Top 100 global asset management firms (as listed by I&PE) and see if they are doing any better.

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