Kasowitz scoops two prestigious Hermes Creative Awards 2018 24 April 2018

We are delighted to announce that our recently launched website for law firm Kasowitz has won two prestigious Hermes Creative Awards 2018.

Unapologetically bold and uncompromisingly assertive, this disruptive legal digital experience picked up a Platinum Award for the website and a Gold Award for the Partner films – created to bring the firm’s ethos to life through a series of natural and honest stories.

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Rebranding Harneys – a leading offshore law firm 16 April 2018

Today sees the launch of an innovative new brand for Harneys, a leading offshore law firm.

Our brief was to create a positioning and visual identity that positioned Harneys away from its competitors and communicate the true essence of this firm – a global offshore law firm with entrepreneurial thinking. 

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Do law firms have brand and digital intelligence? 11 April 2018

In our 21st Living Ratings – the brand and digital intelligence of the world’s leading 100 law firms 2018 – we report on an active year, with refreshed websites, improving content and more focused digital strategy.

Yet there’s a ‘but’. Our last Ratings survey in 2017 uncovered a sector-wide raising of the bar in design, functionality and content. This time, there’s a perceptible slowing in the pace of innovation as the majority play catch-up. Now we’re waiting for the next leap forward.

Download a complimentary copy of our latest Living Ratings report to find out who's leading the pack and who's at the back.


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Raising brand awareness for the world’s leading gold ETF 12 March 2018

We have recently created and launched an engaging tactical campaign for State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), that aims to raise the brand awareness of SPDR GLD in Asia – one of the world's leading gold EFTs.

The campaign is based around a series of adverts that pose thought-provoking questions about gold, reminding investors of its enduring value as an asset class. Visually striking, the animated Q&A format is engaging, intelligent and informative.

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Flock, stock and new brand apparel 22 February 2018

This week sees the launch of our latest pro bono brand project for Spitalfields City Farm, which has been an East London landmark for almost 40 years.

The farm is a true oasis in the heart of the city and a homegrown institution born out of its environment, that connects people to nature, enhancing their well-being and allowing them to re-engage with the natural world.

Although the farm is an important part of the community, it was struggling to build awareness of where it was and wasn’t resonating with local residents. Awareness was a big issue, along with limitations in being able to communicate effectively online.

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A disruptive celebration of the world’s first ETF 15 February 2018

Last week saw the launch of State Street Global Advisors' 25th anniversary campaign to celebrate the launch of the world’s first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Our brief was to strengthen the perception of SSGA as a pioneer and innovator in ETFs in Australia and South East Asia and to not conform to the usual reserved Financial Services modes of communication. This inspired us to create a concept that paralleled the intrepid boldness of SSGA’s original move to create ETFs. 

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